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I don't want to bog everyone down with a bunch of rules. Let me make it simple. Most of the members on this board are (or at least are supposed to be) Christian (which is to say a follower of Christ.) That said, anyone is welcome so long as you can abide by these simple rules.

1. No political discussions, PERIOD! I am a very political person. As such, I know how these discussions can quickly get out of hand when passions get out of control.

2. Religious discussions are okay (even religions outside of Christianity). But seeking to insult Christianity or anyone who IS a Christian will result in removal from the discussion. Zero tolerance. Do not inflame Christians into a morality debate and you won't have to resort to name calling and insults.

3. Keep the discussions book related. Nobody creates a new thread except Edward Hancock II. If you'd like a new thread created, I've created a discussion topic where you can make the suggestion. I will take it under advisement.

4. Edward Hancock II reserves the right to 1) make anyone a moderator as he sees fit and 2) banish anyone who can not abide by the rules. Furthermore, Edward reserves the right to change the rules and/or add to/subtract from the rules as conditions merit.

5. Threats of violence against Edward or any other forum participant will result in your name and information being given to the FBI.

6. In short, play nice. Enjoy your time while you are visiting the site.

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